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Nehemiah Molla






Nehemiah Molla





Nehemiah Molla is from Addis Ababa Ethiopia. He completed his tennis training at Van Der Meer Tennis Academy , having attended for two years. Nehemiah graduated from Heritage Academy in 2019 with a 4.0 GPA and plans on studying biomedical engineering in college, while playing college tennis.

Van Der Meer Tennis has helped me out a lot, making it possible for me to attend the Academy and do what I love most and for that, I am very grateful. I also appreciate very much the grant that the JFC has provided for me to play tournaments. 

Nehemiah’s Accomplishments:

  • 2017 Dennis Van der Meer SC Jr State Open Championships - Consolation Winner & Doubles Finalist
  • 2017 Peanut Patch Junior Open (formerly Pepsi Junior Open) - Consolation Winner
  • 2017 SC Jr. State Open Championships at Rock Hill - Consolation Winner & Doubles Champion
  • 2017 TLC Spring Junior CHALLENGER - Champion



Nehemiah Molla






Rivekka Jumagulova





Rivekka is from Kazakhstan. She has been playing golf since she was 8. She is a full-time golfer at Bishops Gate Golf Academy. Rivekka is a senior in high school in 2020-2021 and attends Montverde Academy. By the age of 16 she played 22 WAGR tournaments. She has 7 wins, 4 TOP 5 finishes and 12
TOP 10 finishes. The highest ranking position reached – 568th.

She dreams to enter one of the American Division I universities (Stanford University, University of California, Berkeley, UCLA, or Duke University), where she could successfully represent the university team.

Rivekka’s Accomplishments:

  • Portuguese Intercollegiate Open 2018 – Winner
  • Serbian International Amateur Championship 2018 – Winner
  • IV Czech Amateur Tour – Winner
  • Faldo Series Poland Championship 2018 - Winner U16
  • Faldo Series European Grand Final - Winner U16
  • 2018 Asian Games - Place 28
  • XXI Kazakhstan Championship - Winner
  • Bulgarian Amateur Open Championship - Place 3
  • 2019 Major Champions Invitational - Place 10
  • Bulgarian Amateur Championship – Winner